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Guardian of Sea Life


Fujimoto's Underwater Lair


Granmamare (Wife)

Ponyo (Eldest daughter)

Ponyo's Sisters (Younger daughters)


Joji Tokoro (Japanese)

Liam Neeson (English)

Respect your father!
—Fujimoto to his daughter, Ponyo
Fujimoto (藤本, Fujimoto) is the father of Ponyo and the husband of Granmamare in Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea. Fujimoto is voiced by Joji Tokoro in the Japanese and Liam Neeson in the English version. 


When Ponyo snuck away from her home at sea, Fujimoto eventually caught up with her and found that she was in Sosuke's care. Fearing humans, he was desperate to get her back. Fujimoto eventually retrieves Ponyo and brings her back to his underwater home.

Fujimoto discovers Sosuke and Ponyo

Fujimoto discovers Ponyo has converted from a fish to a human, much to his dismay.

After discovering Ponyo had consumed ham and human blood because of Sosuke, Fujimoto then had a fight with his daughter over her wanting to be a human. He was able to temporarily stop her from using her magic to transform into a human. He then sought help from Granmamare, his wife, for further help. Relenting to her wish to allow Ponyo to become human, he goes out of his way to collect Sosuke's mother and the senior citizens to witness the event before finally bringing Sosuke and Toki to the underwater garden.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit


He is a talented potion maker, sorcerer, scientist and guardian of sea life.

  • Able to make potions that can increase the level of life in the ocean, or the strength of his own magic. 
  • Extremely knowledgeable about sea life and magic.
  • Avid magical abilities, also seen in his daughters. 
  • Appears to be able to breathe underwater, with or without a protective bubble.
  • Long life span - Despite claiming to be human once, Fujimoto seems to have lived a very long life with a slowed-down aging process, and still very agile despite appearing 40 years old.
  • Squirt- Used to make Ponyo. (important !!)

Relationships Edit

Ponyo Edit

Fujimoto's eldest daughter.

Ponyo's Sisters Edit

Fujimoto's younger daughters.

Granmamare Edit

Fujimoto's wife.

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