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Ponyo at the cliff of Sea

Ponyo is the main protagonist.



Ponyo was a fish and one of the many the fish-like daughters belonging to Fujimoto and Gran Mamare. Technically speaking, Ponyo is a demigod, as Fujimoto is human and Gran Mamare is a goddess.

One day she swam away from her father's ship and met Sosuke. She licked his finger where he cut himself breaking open the glass bottle she was trapped in. Soon after his cut healed, Sosuke named her Ponyo, after a particular shine to him. When Fujimoto took her back to his ship, she refused to comply to his rules, and because of the blood she tasted, she started to become human. She only partially transformed into a girl before Fujimoto reverted her transformation.

Later her sisters helped her escape and she finally got to the surface and turned into a little girl. While out of water she could peform magic, but it does exhausted and partially reverted her for a time. This unsettled the balance between land and sea and sent the moon towards the earth, which caused the sea levels to rise dramatically.


Ponyo partially transformed into a human

During the film whenever Ponyo uses her magic to help out Sosuke's mom Lisa or tries to use her magic, she reverts into a partial transformation that closely resembles a frog. For example, when she helped Lisa turning on the generator, Ponyo took a deep breath and deeply focused on her magic, causing her to momentarily lose her nose and her hands and feet to become 3 toed/fingered. Eventually she managed turn on the generator and Ponyo quickly goes back into her full human self.

Later Lisa makes Sosuke and Ponyo noodles with Ponyo's having ham which she eats right away eats but she then prances around as it was too hot. Later after Ponyo finishes with her food she begins to dose off due to using a lot of magic throughout the course of the day, which is also her energy. Soon afterwards, Lisa puts her in bed. 

Later, Ponyo uses her magic to make Sosuke's boat bigger to find his mom who last night went to go help the seniors at the retirement home. They ran into a couple on their journey and helps the couple's baby feel better using Ponyo's magic. 

They head off into a forest where Ponyo begins to look tired, with her hair lowering, and then she falls asleep, but a few seconds later Sosuke tells Ponyo that he needs another candle which waked Ponyo up and also causes her to rub her eyes. After Sosuke checks the candle which is still hot Ponyo turns upside down infant of the candle and says "bye bye" as the candle goes out. So Sosuke tells Ponyo that he needs her to make the candle bigger, which Ponyo agrees and turns to Sosuke only to fall asleep again. 

Sosuke then asks if Ponyo's ok as Ponyo wakes up again but falls asleep again but Sosuke wakes her up again and Ponyo does the magic only for the candle not to get bigger which confuses Sosuke. After that Ponyo falls asleep entirely and Sosuke can't wake her up so he pushes the boat only for it to shrink but Sosuke was able to drag Ponyo onto dry land before she could drown. Pony wakes up as Sosuke was happy that she isn't turn into a fish. 

After walking for a little but longer but we see that Ponyo is beginning to get tired so tired that she sleep walking but she wakes up when they get to a tunnel. So they get to the tunnel where Sosuke asks if Ponyo is ok to which Ponyo says that she doesn't like this and Sosuke tells her not to let go of his hand. As they walk into the tunnel a weird scraping sound is heard as Ponyo's hand gets smaller. As we see that the sound is coming from Ponyo's bucket as we see that she has frog feet and she is too small to carry the bucket above the ground. Eventually Sosuke turns and looks at Ponyo only for her to have now turned into a fish so Sosuke puts her in the water. 

Eventually Ponyo leaps in the air and kisses Sosuke breaking the spell as the bubble bursts. Ponyo then grows a little bigger as she grows a small hand and a collar, and then stretches and becomes double the height as her hand grows to an arm. Then Ponyo turns into a little version of her about the size of Sosuke's head. Along with this is a pair of legs and bloomers and Ponyo's clothes. Eventually Ponyo then grows double the size and now double the size and has ears and a eyebrows. Along with this one of her feet is bigger then other along with that part of her bloomer. Then Ponyo's legs grow to full size but the top of her body especially her head a small still. 

Then after that Ponyo's body except for her head is still small but her chest is bigger. Then Ponyo's head grows to normal size, though her chest is still big like last time, but then Ponyo's head grows bigger and then back to it's original size along with her chest. Ponyo now fully back to normal floats in the air above Sosuke.

Appearance Edit


Ponyo as a fish

When partially transformed Ponyo looks very much like a frog. She has red hair and black/brown eyes. She is always seen wearing a red dress and a white petticoat/pants. She is also always barefoot throughout the film as well, and has short orange coloured hair.

Trivia Edit

  • It's unknown if before she became a human permanently whether or she could change clothes or take off the ones she has.
  • Her hair, clothes and body can stay underwater, so it's unknown if Ponyo is to change the new clothe's she's wearing would stay dry.
  • Because she drank Sosuke's blood she has Sosuke's appearance but as a female.
  • Judging on what her dad says about her drinking blood, it could be possible someone did the same thing Ponyo did before.
  • Ponyo's hair is up when she has magic or is using it but is down when she is tired or is out of magic.
  • It's unknown when she is in her frog form, she can change her clothes.

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