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smart and kind


When Ponyo says that she loves Sosuke, he returns the favour, and later the Gran Mamare grants them a life together.

Sosuke is shown to be a kind, smart, and very lovable character, who will do anything to protect those he really cares for.

Sosuke freeing ponyopx

Feature films

Ponyo on a cliff by sea Hiroki Doi (Japanese) Frankie Jonas (English)


Sosuke first appears when Ponyo sees him running down the hill from the house she was looking at. When he arrives at the cove with his toy boat, he immediately spots a goldfish (Ponyo) trapped in small jar. After briefly failing to pull it out, he runs back onto a high rock as a big wave comes in. He gets a little freaked out when he saw eyes appear from it. He then quickly uses a big rock and successfully breaks the glass jar and saves the fish, while cutting his right thumb in the process. Sosuke checks to see if the goldfish is really dead, but turns out to be alive after licking Sosuke's wound. He grabs the goldfish, and his toy boat and runs back up before a bunch of eye-sporting waves could reach him. After putting the goldfish in a pail of water, Sosuke heads for his mom's car when a mysterious man (Ponyo's father) walks up. Following a brief argument between the man and Sosuke's mother they quickly drove off. Than his mother drove Sosuke (including Ponyo) to his mothers work which was next to Sosuke's nursery school. When Sosuke got to school, he hid Ponyo in the bushes and covered her with a leaf so no cats could catch her. When recess came, he decided to check on Ponyo, then Kumiko followed Sosuke and pressed him to letting her see Ponyo. He grabs Ponyo's pail and runs off to the seniors home because Ponyo got Kumiko's dress wet.

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